October 24, 2015

Burglary: Undocumented Entry

 Burglaries are a precursor and indicator of many other crimes. From the Daily Mail:
Burglary victims should expect a ‘slow’ response from police, while those who report a stolen mobile phone may find ‘very little’ action is taken, the new head of one of Britain’s largest forces has said.

Ian Hopkins, who takes over as chief constable of Greater Manchester on Monday, said officers would be dispatched to a break-in if the suspects were still at the scene.

But if someone returns from a weekend away to find their home ransacked, they will not be treated as a priority, he said.

‘If you’re someone like me or yourself who’s perfectly capable of phoning your insurance company, getting the locks sorted or the window boarded up, then I don’t see the necessity for us to turn up at that stage,’ Mr Hopkins told BBC Radio 4’s PM programme. ‘We can investigate that slow time.’
"Slow time" - translation: they take their sweet time or it doesn't get investigated at all. No search for latent fingerprints, no looking for boot tracks; interviewing neighbors/possible witnesses ... nope, we'll have none of that.
It is the latest example of how police forces are downgrading burglaries and comes after the Daily Mail revealed how one police force would investigate burglaries only at properties with an even number.
Officials would rather spend public funds on supporting Muslim criminals illegal immigrants than protecting their own people. The Brits continue to circle the drain.


LL said...

They're taking modern policing cues from Detroit. Well done, Manchester!

sig94 said...

Detroit - if it wasn't so sad it would be funny.