October 23, 2015

Oak Or Hickory?

She's like a vampire, you just need to keep pounding those stakes into her heart.
Breitbart lists nine revelations to come out of Hillary's Benghazi testimony.
1. Hillary Clinton told the prime minister of Egypt on Sep. 12, 2012 that a video was not responsible.

2. Ambassador Chris Stevens did not have Clinton’s personal email address, but Sid Blumenthal did.

3. Clinton and the State Department broke the law in failing to sign a waiver for security at Benghazi.

4. Clinton believes that Chris Stevens was joking when he asked about security at the Benghazi compound.
More here.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Send her to Isis!

Doom said...

Know your monsters. This one cannot be staked into oblivion, it is heartless. If you can get her others to enjoy the taste of her blood, they will do the job for us. I'm thinking Zero has a taste, he just doesn't have much support at this point. Biden has a taste, but has even less. Get Bill hungry and you might get rid of her. Hmm... I wonder, if he realized he could be Hillary-free... Then again, I think he realizes, if she won, he'd actually be president. He owns her, obviously.

Anonymous said...

All this hearing did was make Hillary look even stronger. Most of the public doesn't even understand what it was about, and all of this is stuff that was revealed before. What is the fascination with Blumenthal? He has been a close Clinton friend for many many years, why wouldn't he have her personal email? This is something conservatives are convinced is important, but everyone else just thinks "yeah, so?" Look at that list again, is there anything there that would actually resonate with people who are thinking of voting for her? Elections are won by courting independents and undecideds, not by serving your base re-heated leftovers.

sig94 said...

"Reheated leftovers" is what you call perjury, eh? Nice.