April 29, 2016

We're Just About Done

Welp, the bathroom and living room are done.

The Barbi Bathroom Before -

During and After- (oops, forgot to include new pics)


Kid said...

We need the After. I'm in suspense here man.

sig94 said...

Kid - heh - sorry 'bout that.

Doom said...

I have a small bathroom like that I need to rip into. I'm just... well... it's a lot of work. Such a small space. How much did you do solo? How practical is solo? Just... asking. I'd love to pay it done, but that could be some serious ducks. Jealous. :p

It's amazing how much work, and forethought, is really needed, even for such a tiny piece of real estate. Then again, that is, as simple as it might seem, a minor tech wonder. Romans didn't have it, kings from all times, some even to the present in third worlds nations, don't have it. Heck, some kinds don't even have but dirt floors in Africa and South America, perhaps even in some Asian areas. Still, that's not much help when figuring it out.

sig94 said...

Doom - kitchens and bathrooms are the hardest rooms to redo. We planned this out for months and months but still there were mid-course corrections. I had contractor do the work and I was less than pleased... She's very good but she won't pay squat for good help and it showed.

Kid said...

The after is Very Nice.

Yes, I hate working on bathrooms. Way too much plumbing and small spaces.