April 28, 2016

And Just As They Were Turning Their Lives Around...

Biggest bust in NYC history. Close to 700 NYPD cops and federal law men take down two rival street gangs in a Bronx housing project. Unfortunately this will do little or  nothing in the long term. They just created a vacuum that will be filled in short order. I've seen this happen with other RICO busts. There may even be a spike in shootings as other wannabees struggle for dominance and as other gangs move in.
NEW YORK – Law enforcement rescued a Bronx housing project with the biggest takedown in New York City history and now, officials are investigating whether the city's 400,000 public housing residents were being protected in safe conditions as required by federal law, a federal prosecutor announced Wednesday.

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara told a news conference that nearly 700 New York Police Department officers and federal agents accompanied by helicopters and armored trucks executed pre-dawn raids, taking down two rival drug gangs from top to bottom.

By late afternoon, 88 individuals were in custody and more were sought in what Bharara described as the biggest gang takedown ever in New York City. The arrests stemmed from charges brought against 120 gang members.
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