December 10, 2016

In The News

The Dept. of Energy (DoE) was created during President Carter's Administration in 1977 with two goals - to eliminate our nation's dependence on foreign oil and to oversee and safeguard our nuclear weapons research. The 13,300 DoE incompetent civil service weasels with a $30 billion budget have done neither.
The global warming con may finally be facing a true reckoning. For many years, the warmists have behaved as if they are hiding something, as the Climategate emails, among many other signs, revealed. But so long as the greedy and power-hungry pols, lusting after taxation and regulation of all human activity via carbon taxes, could be reinforced by cowards afraid to buck the so-called scientific consensus (that doesn’t really exist) everything could remain hunky-dory.

While meeting with Al Gore calmed some warmist nerves, the actions of the Trump transition team at the Department of Energy are eliciting hysteria.
They couldn't handle their appointed tasks so they adopted ones that were far easier. Intimidating American citizens with Soviet-style mission creep implemented under the watchful eye of liberal administrations seemed the fun thing to do.

Liberals Are Hazardous To Your Health
This is true in more ways than one. And, oh yes, this did happen.
Suddenly it's clear not everyone benefited from the era of Hope and Change. The Washington Post reports that "for the first time in more than two decades, life expectancy for Americans declined last year". Princeton economist Anne Case said “this is singular. This doesn’t happen."
Perhaps the editors at the WashPo are stating to worry that they may not get to enjoy their 401k's.

Water, Water Everywhere And Every Drop We Regulate
The Environmental Protection Agency is the Corleone's dream. Their idea of "protection" is about the same as a mafia capo. But instead of RICO prosecutions, Trump has decided to take them down another way, a faster way. Dismantle them without indictments from the inside.
Personnel is policy, as they say, and despite his meeting with the High Priest of Climatology, Al Gore, president-elect Donald Trump’s pick of Oklahoma attorney general Scott Pruitt to be the new head at EPA, shows Trump is serious about pulling back the curtain to expose climate fraud, leaving climate zealots as unsettled as the alleged “science” they trumpet.

"Pruitt’s concerns of EPA overreach also includes the agency’s controversial, “Waters of the U.S.” rule that significantly expanded the federal government’s regulatory reach to include ditches on private land. During the presidential campaign, Trump promised to address the regulation that he called one of the “most intrusive rules” and Pruitt could execute the new president’s goal to neuter its impact."
Neuter: transitive verb, #1- castrate, alter; #2- to remove the force or effectiveness of.
Either way, let's do this thing. Time's awastin'.

It's Fun Work But Someone Has To Do It

To rephrase the article just above this one, "Water, Water Everywhere And It's Going Up Your Nose."
Following the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, psychologist and U.S. Air Force veteran Dr. James Mitchell was called back to national service. Along with a partner, Bruce Jessen, he was tasked with developing the CIA’s enhanced interrogation techniques, or EITs. Designed to elicit time-sensitive intelligence from hardened al Qaeda leaders, the EITs later became immersed in controversy. In 2014, Senate Democrats released a report accusing Mitchell of torturing suspects with EITs and producing no results.
There is another phrase that applies here,"If it ain't broke, don't fix it".

EIT works rather well on recalcitrant individuals with respect to generating compliance in response to legitimate requests for information. That being said, waterboard the assholes until they talk or let them grow gills.


LindaG said...

I am hoping Trump will dissolve the EPA. They only cause trouble.

Kid said...

DJT gonna take a dis.

sig94 said...

Linda - Every new cabinet created since the Eisenhower Administration ended needs to be eliminated.