December 11, 2016

A Hollow Military

Obama hates America. There are few areas where this is more apparent than in the condition of our nation's armed forces.
Forget about the longtime standard of a military capable of fighting two major wars simultaneously, which the United States abandoned four years ago. The current military would have trouble fighting one major conflict.

That is the assessment of some prominent defense experts, who contend the military has degraded to dangerous levels after eight years under President Obama.

“We have lost our edge,” said Daniel Goure, senior vice president of the Lexington Institute. “We are no longer technologically superior in a whole list of areas … This is a military that is on the brink of collapse.”
For years liberals have argued that America cannot be the world's policeman. But most other nations do not operate under the same guiding principles of freedom and personal liberty that America possesses. It is foolish to assume otherwise.

Throughout recorded history we are  reminded that powerful nations will extend their sphere of influence and crush those that oppose them. The only way that this oppression can be resisted is through the application of military power.

If and when our political leaders determine that we are not capable of resisting foreign influence, they will surrender our interests to please other nations. Under whose sphere of influence do you wish to live your life? China? Russia? Iran?

Our overwhelming superior military strength is what has kept us free. That freedom could be lost if our military becomes weak and ineffective, which is exactly what Obama's agenda is trying to accomplish.
“We are actually below peacetime levels,” said John Venable, a retired Air Force colonel who serves as a senior research fellow with The Heritage Foundation’s Center for National Defense. “But we’re actually fighting a war.”
This is the change that Obama promised.
  • The Army needs 25 brigades to fight one major conflict. It has 31, but Venable said only 10 are “mission ready.” 
  • The Navy had 272 ships, below its 308-ship goal, and Venable said only about a third of the vessels are ready for combat. 
  • The Air Force needs 600 planes to fight one major conflict. Although the service currently has 1,159, Venable said less than half are ready for combat. 
  • The Marine Cops has 23 battalions, more than the 13 needed to fight one major conflict, but the Heritage report estimates only half are ready.
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LL said...

We (and everyone else) trains and builds to fight the last war. Wisdom requires that we look in that crystal ball and make sense of what we see. I can't think of a better man for that job than Gen. Mattis.

sig94 said...

LL - amen to that.

DUTA said...

Technologically, America's still superior. However, military technological superiority doesn't assure winning in combat. The soldier must feel he's fighting for his threatened home; he doesn't feel like that in Afghanistan, Irak, or Syria.

LindaG said...

Never mind the annual BRAC that keeps happening. And with what passes for military now, with their 'sensitivity training', who's to say we could fight a war even with twice what we have now.

And 'robbing Peter to pay Paul' - Numbers mean nothing if two pieces of equipment are cannibalized to fix a third because parts are not procured; and you wouldn't have the manpower (yes, politically incorrect-bite my shiny metal hiney) to utilize it if they were.

The status of our military now days makes me sick.

Kid said...

DUTA - Agree. Stomping cockroaches who are easily and quickly replaced is an exercise in Futility. For my money we should have nuked mecca 9-12-2001. or at the earliest moment it was fully populated for one of the savages celebrations.

Anyway, we have made real progress. Any traitorous military member homo can get free sex change surgery and treatment at the drop of a hat. That's something anyway.

Kid said...

LL - Yes, that provides some comfort. We need to pull ourselves completely out of the hole though or else the next democrat/communist admin will put the final nail in. NO recovery without a lot of weapons being employed.