December 21, 2016

Our Coming Rapprochement With Russia

Rap•proche•ment (räˌprôsh-mäɴˈ)
n. A reestablishing of cordial relations, as between two countries.
n. The state of reconciliation or of cordial relations.

It's a French word (rapprocher - to bring together) so there's probably cheese or white flags involved. Maybe white gloves?

It's not like America and Russia are suddenly BFF and we be like wearing each others lipstick and underwear. Not yet anyways. It's more like the same guy screwed both of us royally and we want to get even. By ripping his head off and crapping in it. From Newsweak:
The Kremlin has praised U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s response to Monday’s attacks in Berlin and Ankara, claiming that his words are “in tune” with those of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Trump accused a “radical Islamic terrorist” of shooting dead the Russian Ambassador to Turkey on Monday before also commenting on an attack on a Christmas market in Berlin, Germany’s capital. In response to the latter, he declared “terrorists and their regional and worldwide networks must be eradicated from the face of the Earth,” and called for international support to do so.
And their entrails worn as neckties.
Because, no one wears garters anymore.
Although little has yet been officially confirmed about the perpetrators of either attack, Russia welcomed Trump’s statement, claiming that Putin has been making the same argument for nearly two decades.
These remarks were made while Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov was speaking about Russia's desire for international cooperation in eliminating terrorism.

Of course we are referring to Presbyterian terrorists, right? Greek Orthodox terrorists? Baptist terrorists? Catholics? No?
He noted that no one country could win this fight alone, but “it can only be done together.”
Okay, lipstick, definitely lipstick. But no panties. At least not the skimpy, yellow bikini ones. They were a gift from Italy.


Doom said...

Always tricky, Russia. This is a deal with a devil, so it can never be... a truly friendly deal. It can only ever be business. Even with true allies, these days, a little caution is advised. (By a little I mean a hell of a lot) They aren't our, or Trump's, friend. They aren't even their own friend. They are not free. They are not good, or in it for the right reasons. No longer humanists, as failing as that was, they are merely of flesh, no soul.

While we can work together, or just let them have their way on some things, we... can't ever be friends unless we become just like them. At which point it will never have been more dangerous. Such is the worldly way.

LindaG said...

Did the bikini have polka dots on it?

I agree. All the countries need to band together to rid us of Islamic Terrorism.
And yes, don't turn our backs on them, either.