July 10, 2009


Rope-a-dope is a boxing fighting style used most famously by Muhammad Ali (who coined the term) in the Rumble in the Jungle against George Foreman.

The rope-a-dope is performed by a boxer assuming a protected stance. Sports fans can still recall Ali's classic pose, lying against the ropes, and allowing his opponent to endlessly pummel him, in the hope that the opponent will become tired and make mistakes which he would exploit in a counter attack. The opponent would often totally exhaust himself, mistakenly believing that this next wild blow would finally send Ali to the canvas.

Ali most famously used the technique in Kinshasa, Zaire, when he knocked out 25 year old George Foreman and regained the World Heavyweight Title. The fight is remembered as "The Rumble in the Jungle".

After dazzling Foreman with his trademark quickness in the first rounds, Ali fell back against the ropes, and waved Foreman to come get him. Protecting his head, Ali let Foreman pound away at his ribs and his gut. "At about the seventh round, I had him beaten, I knew I had him." Foreman recounted after the fight. "Then he fell on my side and whispered, ‘Is that all you got George?’ I knew something strange was happening in my life especially because that was all I had." In the eight round Ali came off the ropes and unleashed a fury of punches against his exhausted opponent. Mighty George Foreman went down.

"I did it," Ali boasted after the fight. "I told you he was nothing but did you listen? I told you I was going to jab him in the corners, I told you I was going to take all his shots. I told you he had no skill. I told you he didn't like to be punched."

So, why is Nickie Goomba taking this stroll down a pugilistic Memory Lane? Here's why...

Sally Quinn, for some unknown reason heading the On Faith section of the Washington Post (Akin to having Perez Hilton covering the NFL Draft) recently wrote a column criticizing Sarah Palin's parenting skills. You may hold your nose and read it here. It concludes with this:
It might seem exploitative of Trig to some who are so cynical about her that they believe everything she does is for self-aggrandizement. So what? But if she really did it she could change the our culture and the way our world views those with disabilities. She would not only be helping millions of people around the world, but her own child as well.

Leaving her job because it's better for "the state" or to pursue her interest in energy or national security is laughable.

Sarah Palin should live up to her self-proclaimed Christian "family values" and do what she says is the moral thing to do: put her family first and help those who cannot help themselves.
Then, of course, there's David Letterman who continues to attack Sarah Palin despite the presidential campaign having ended eight months ago. This is the same David Letterman who has yet to direct his team of writers to construct a substantive joke about President Obama.

Here's a request to all her critics... Keep it coming!!

Sally Quinn, please throw a weekly left jab to Sarah's jaw.

Vanity Fair, keep punching in the clinches.

David Letterman, keep taunting her. Keep getting uncomfortable laughs with one-liners aimed at her looks and her family.

Maureen Dowd, keep throwing the roundhouse.

Huffington Post, uppercut, uppercut, uppercut.

What you all may discover is that the American Public will reach a saturation point. Your constant criticism will stike a discordant note, and the Sarah Palin juggernaut may well pick up even more speed, and with renewed energy, head toward your bunkers. A presidential win? Who knows. But hers will be the voice to energize Conservative voters in 2010.

America loves an underdog. There is nothing so compelling as a comeback story, and the Palin-trashers are helping to write it.

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Frances Davis said...

The American government may be throwing liberty down the drain, but Americans still value and love justice. They are quick to notice and stand behind those treated unfairly.

Let those who are threatened by Sarah Palin continue to heap on their meaningless and groundless criticisms. Her bright smile and cute wink are only fashionable accessories for a forged-steel interior that is not likely to leave the political arena without a fight.

I expect we will see Sarah Palin again. . . more polished, more prepared, and without someone else's staff ready to throw her under the bus.

Conservatives are ready for a leader who has something to say worth hearing and who isn't afraid to do so!

Opus #6 said...

Palin shows grace under fire. That is WAY more than you can say about most liberals.

Anonymous said...


The 2010 elections present the opportunity to thwart the Obama machine. Sarah Palin will be the voice of Conservative America.

Anonymous said...


She's a real woman, not a victim.

Shayne said...

Very nice post. Thanks for visiting my site as well.

Anonymous said...

Sarah is a tough cookie. Just when the left thinks they have her down. They better watch out.

Anonymous said...

Shayne, nice to have you here.

Shayne? Shayne! Come back, Shayne!

He's a good Ladd, Rhod.

Anonymous said...


I think she's gonna be the Newt Gingrich of 2010. And if her style is effective in winning back a sizable number of seats, she'll be in strong contention for the 2012 race top spot.

Lilith said...

She sounds like a teenager with less knowledge and common sense than many of those. Sarah Palin wants more power than she can handle. She thinks its possible to see Russia from her house.

"Thanks, but no thanks!"

Anonymous said...

She never said that.

Rhod said...

Almost too oblique even for me, Boyo. Almost.

As the little guy wobbled off on his horse, dead, and little Brandon called to him, he called for Shane, not the hard-core Irishman Shayne.

This case is closed, King!

Anonymous said...

What Palin said was "They're our next-door neighbors, and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska."

Lily, Alaska is only 55 miles from Russia. On a clear day I'm sure you can see Russian school children at recess eating baby Harp Seal sandwiches.

Rhod said...

Lilly, you have an absorbing, compact, Haiku-like talent for imbecility. Try spray paints and boxcars sometime. You might be good at it.

Anonymous said...


I was in the local supermarket today and was amazed to see a display for what was one of my favorite boyhood soft drinks... Moxie.

Just picture me on a street corner, sporting a cloth cap and shouting "Extra - Extra - HINDU'S BULLETS KILL GANDHI"

Rhod said...

Moxie contains salt petre and plant sterols, which explains a lot about the feminization of Moxie drinkers.

I don't have to picture you. I saw you there in your knickers, little hounds-tooth check vest, argyl socks and Buster Browns.

I always wanted to take you home and send you to school, but Father Clancy said to stay away.

Who the hell is Ghandi?

Snarky Basterd said...

Damn, Nickie, you make good prose. Nicely argued, and correctly argued.

Opus #6 said...

The reason Palin scares lilly-livered Liberals so much is that they just shot their wad and they are going down in flames. Their big HOPE was Obama, and he is proving himself to be as bad if not worse than everybody's worst fears.

Now folks look at Palin with longing and regret. We long for her down-home common sense approach, and we regret that the MSM and Saturday Night Live were allowed to paint her as a caricature. Not enough people spoke out against those lies, and they were in people's mind on election day. Some folks never got the memo, like our dear Lilith here. She still attributes the statements of Tina Fey to Sarah Palin. Sadly, she is not alone. There are altogether too many people who believe the lies.

The frustrating part for them, though, is that Obama is failing SO BADLY, that the lies about Palin almost don't matter anymore. None of them are worse than what Obama is DOING to this country every day.

Anonymous said...


You flatter me. Only a true gent could make hounds tooth and argyle work.

And who woulda thunk it the little Buster Brown would grow up to be Prime Minister (with Tag as Chancellor of the Exchequer).

Anonymous said...

Doc, I'm blushing. Thanks.

Anonymous said...


I'm actually thinking that millions discounted Palin because of her almost nondescript homey accent.

I betcha there will be folks in her immediate circle helping her to tighten the sing-song.

Lauralee Prov said...

Hello. Just checking out new blogs and really like yours. Feel free to come check out mine if you'd like. :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Lee Beth. You have exquisite taste.

JPT said...

Rope a dope - a good tactic - I remember the fight well.
BUT it pretty much ruined Ali physically...

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

WOW Nickie, Leave you alone with your thoughts, and you're BRILLIANT !

Anonymous said...

You're right, JPT. And that Muhammad Ali Grill I bought sucks.

Anonymous said...

Woody, there's no way I can argue with your well-seasoned wisdom.

Rhod said...

Someone calculated that Ali's Rope-a-Dope left him with over 10,000 clips to the head, causing the Parkinsonism he has today.

Anonymous said...

I can understand a strategy of letting Sally Quinn punch herself out, but the idea of covering up and letting guys like George Foreman throw the kitchen sink at my noggin seems poorly thought out.

Perhaps the Jerry Quarrys and the Oscar Bonavenas took their toll.

Rhod said...

Along with The Lion of Flanders and The Bayonne Bleeder. I saw the Mildenberger fight just before shipping out. He had what it took, at the time, except a good left.

Anonymous said...


You're at the wrong blog to be speculating about a "Good Left".

Opus #6 said...

"good left", he he.

Can punches to the head cause Parkinson's?

Rhod said...

Opie, I've heard Ali's condition described as Parkinsonism, which I think means conditions like Parkinson's, or with suspected external causes.

That's my interp. I could be wrong.

Annie said...

Thank you Nikki, I will never again look at Sally Quinn without seeing Perez Hilton, rofllll!! You are spot on about the rope a dope thing. I was having dinner with my parents tonight, and my dad, a union democrat who actually voted for Obama, laughed when I suggested that Palin may have quit to take over a leadership role in the RNC. He said if thats the best we can do then they are in bigger trouble than they think. Out of respect I keep my mouth shut, as he is too old to change his mind and will have to learn the hard way. But you are correct, I say, "BRING IT!!". Each hit she has taken has just rolled off, and she has handled the attacks with amazing grace. We could do worse!! Thanks for the post, I look forward to following you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Annie. Not just for the comment, but for the cutest avatar on the Internet.