September 17, 2009

Here's a steal from Ace of Spades HQ

Ace Sez:

BTW, Bernie Goldberg is dead-bang right, we have been giving the media an accolade it never deserved by calling it the "Mainstream Media." It is not mainstream. It is leftwing.

We are the mainstream media. We're also the minor media, but we are the mainstream.

And so I'm never going to refer to them as "MSM" again.

Another Good Point by Goldberg: In that same interview -- maybe Monday? -- Goldberg challenged O'Reilly's question about the leftwing media taking an interest in this, asking, basically, "Why do we care if they've taken an interest?"

His point is that this is no longer David vs. Goliath. (Or an Army of Davids vs. Goliath, if you will.) It's now more like an up-and-comer vs. an aging, past-his-prime boxer. Sure, maybe the older boxer still gets a bigger share of the gate, but it's getting close to an even match. Not there yet -- but it's not some huge gulf.

It's no longer really the Dominant Media vs. the Outlaw Media. Well, it is that, but it's no longer "Dominant" -- it's now merely "Establishment, But a Shadow of Its Former Self, and Losing Audience Every Day" Media.

So his point was: Who cares if this fossilized incompetent corrupt old media covers it? Why are we even giving them that validation that what they assert to be true is in fact true -- "It's only a story when we say it's a story" ?

That's not true anymore. They said it's not a story -- the practically screamed it with their silence -- and we said "Oh yes it is."

And who won?

We did.

So who cares about them?

We're covering it -- we, the mainstream media -- and that's all that matters.

They will follow eventually, as they usually do these days.

And who really cares if they don't.

Anyone ever get linked by a legacy media outlet? We're linked right now by the NYT's blog and the referrals barely show up in the SiteMeter stats.

A link from a small blog throws a hell of a lot more traffic than the NYT. NiceDeb and Cassy Fiano are both linking us, as I can tell from my SiteMeter; there are zero referrals right now from the NYT. I only know I was linked because DrewM. told me so.

Who cares about them.

Who cares what they cover.

Who cares what they believe and what they think they "know."

The hell with them. They're losers. And they stink of desperation.

Here's Bernie Goldberg's blog-post on the subject...

“Mainstream Media” Must Go!


Main-stream (mayn-streem)

Main or current thought or behavior: the ideas, actions, and values that are most widely accepted by a group or society, e.g. in politics, fashion or music


Since there is very little mainstream about the so-called mainstream media, it’s time for all of us to stop using such a misleading term – and come up with something new.

Is the New York Times or NBC News really mainstream when they ignore the Van Jones story?

Isn’t there something wrong when Glenn Beck, who doesn’t even pretend to be a journalist, scoops the “mainstream media” on all sorts of stories – from Van Jones to Acorn, to name just two recent examples?

The fact is there are lots of stories that Americans care deeply about that simply hold no interest for so-called mainstream journalists. I get the impression that if FOX News decides to run with a story that may, for example, reflect badly on President Obama or one that puts a spotlight on some liberal judge who lets child molesters off with (barely) a slap on the wrist, the mainstream media won’t go near it. That may be regrettable, but I fear it’s true.


Kid said...

I've been calling them the State Run Media longer than Rush has.

Personally, that's the name I'd like to see stick.

Snarky Basterd said...

Drive by, State Run, Has Been, Was But Ain't, call them what you will, Nickie...they just don't exist anymore.

I left them in 2000. I never looked back.

Here's to being mainstream.

Anonymous said...

Kid, pick the most disdainful and insulting name you can imagine, and I'll agree with you on that one.

Anonymous said...

Dave, I agree. I get my news from my blog brothers and sisters. Many of my opinions are formed right here.

anon said...

You've run afoul of your blog name.
This makes complete sense...

Haven't read a paper or watched the news for ages without turning around and checking the blog world for the real-time facts from the people the reported issues actually effect.


Kid said...

Nickie, maybe I'm reaching here, but do you remember the Star Trek Next Generation episode where Piccard ends up on the planet with the captain of another star ship and they have just a beast of a time trying to communicate because the 'alien' talks in images versus words.

For example, he says things like "Romiet and Jilard at Tanagra", (names are wrong) which in his ancestral past describes a situation where two men battle a vicious beast to the death. The alien is trying to tell Piccard that there is a beast there that the two of Them must battle.

Anyway, I both thought this would be a very efficient way for Earthlings to communicate as well as to answer you in this context.

For example, if I wanted to describe someone as one of the biggest dumbest losers of all times, I'd just point to him or her and shout "Al Gore in 2000!"

In this context, I'll just say we should call the media "Pelosi's !"

Just point to them whenever you see them and shout "Pelosi !!"
Says it all.

Anonymous said...

I left the lame stream media in 1980.

Anonymous said...

Powdergirl, how true. This evening, my son asked me why Fox doesn't have an evening news show like the other major networks.

The reason was obvious. Nobody watches them anymore.

Anonymous said...

Kid, I'd like to make this comment longer, but I've gotta go take a Letterman.

Anonymous said...

Dad, the Weak Stream media is a thing of my past too.

Opus #6 said...

I am with you on this. I will stop calling them the MSM.

TS/WS said...

You've hit the nail on this one, too.
The black flag is who they really are; apart of.
Hillary wasn't in the race to win. She was there to usher in the unexpected. She could have brought up the Birth Certificate, as well as the Media. They did it to John McCain.
Have you heard of the "Scroll and Key"?
From the same tree. There are many branches of the tree.
Sunken Pirate's ships have been found, with symbols of the secret society's. To collect their booty, they have to control the News outlets, with just what they want us to hear, or not hear, see, or not see.

Anonymous said...


I'm just about to go to bed and you hit me with this? I won't be able to sleep.

RightKlik said...

It's the Democrat Media...wherever the Democrats lead, NBCABCNYTCBSCNN will follow. If the Dems make a slight right, so goes the DM. If the Dems swerve left...

Unfortunately, they are still important. Some reasonable people, who are not news junkies or bloggers, still rely on the DM. The DM helps shape their views and opinions. That is the problem

TS/WS said...

ok, Opus told me to get lost too.
I will not bother you all anymore.
I just can't help it. I have to look over both shoulders since I shot across their bow's, a while ago.

Opus #6 said...

TSWS, if I offended you it was unintentional. I only have good feelings toward you and our other patriotic bloggers.

TS/WS said...

No, you did not offend me. I have been told by my friends that I speak to sharp, or tell about to much.

Rhod said...

The biggest problem for the old MSM swine is that we can access, for free, the same wire services and footage they use. It's just a matter of time before the field is also flooded with investigative reporters like Beck's team and Breitbart's.

It also doesn't help their cause, for example, when you have mud-slide face (Charley Gibson)lie that he didn't know about ACORN, and ABC announce that the ACORN affair wasn't "News", it was "NOISE".

It's the justification of the doomed man, the kind of face-saving arrogance of the petty thief who knows he's going to jail but laughs in the courtroom when he gets his sentencee.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I haven't watched or listened to the state run news media for about 10 years ... is it still there????