October 10, 2009

DC's 2nd Annual Virtual Road Trip

Due to last year's exciting response to DC's Virtual Road Trip to the Waxahachie Grange 33rd Annual Apple Doll Festival, DC has decided to do it all over again...
But this year's shimmering destination is
The Carrot Museum.

Bring your permission slips, smiles, a healthy lunch, and check for $1500 (made out to Goomba Nature Trails, LLC) to this blog on October 25, 2009. Mailing instructions will be provided to you at that time.

DC (outstanding in his field)


Anonymous said...

And this year, there will be no conga line. Everything else will be the same.

I don't often endorse anything, but this Carrot Museum, I promise, will leave you wanting more.

Kid said...

What can I get for 2 grand ?

Velcro said...

I can't wait!

Rhod said...

TK, two grand will get you a year's supply of Updok, your very own pet Piecost and a Red Henway.

Anonymous said...

Rhod ... I see you've been hitting the Carrot Wine. We need an audio rimshot for that last line, too. It's a good'n.

Great job photoshopping Nick's face, your body, and my clothes, too.

Outstanding, my man.

Kid said...

Rhod, my wife makes more pies than I can eat and I'll weigh my own hens thank you.

Anyway, consider me in.

Do you think they'll have an obama shaped carrot ?

Rhod said...

That'll be the one on the satin pillow in the controlled- environment glass case,TK.

The farmer who grew it got a Nobel Peace Prize for Agriculture BEFORE he grew it. Go figure.