October 10, 2009

Obama Currently Third in Heisman Balloting

Off a remarkable run of success in fostering peace both overseas (Afghanistan) and at home (Beer Summit), Pres. Barack Obama is now running a strong third in the Heisman race.

Of course, Texas A&M QB Jerrod Johnson -- the overwhelming preseason favorite -- retains a strong lead in early polling, even after A&M's 46-19 humiliation last week at the hands of a mediocre Arkansas team.

In perhaps a surprise to some, Texas rugby punter Justin Tucker is presently second with Heisman voters.

To help Pres. Obama's quest to become the first world leader to win the Nobel Prize, Tour de France, and Heisman Trophy in the same year, join the Washington Examiner's effort.


Anonymous said...

The guys a Triple Threat: He can Lie, Cheat & Steal.

Opus #6 said...

Maybe he could play as a running back. I'd love to see him running back to where he came from.

Anonymous said...

Opie, pretty good for a Pac-10 girl. Do they play football at UCLA? USC?

Goomba, you made my heart flutter with that mention of the triple option. Reminds me of my first employer out of law school -- Boyd, Dewey Cheatham & Howe.

BTW, that's a low blow showing the O with the Horns jersey. You will pay, my man.

The Aggies tried to give him a jersey but they couldn't spell "1".

mrs dewiggins said...

He will be in the Miss America Pageant, won't he? I know Rush wants to give him an award!!!

Anonymous said...

Also, if he edges out our rugby punter I am really going to be ticked.

Have you seen Tucker run to the right and just roll that thing 95 yards end over end. It's the prettiest play in sports ... almost as good as when he tried to run for it at Wyoming and got flattened.

Velcro said...

Obama may deserve the Heisman, assuming he leads the nation in Russian. I don't know how many yards (of beer) he's accumulated, but it must be pretty high; he's pretty good at passing (the buck) as well...

Rhod said...

At halftime he did some magnificent curling, too.

Anonymous said...

As Velcro notes, the joke that is Obama is now in full flower. When the Left tries to be serious, this happens every time.

This one is going to stick, though, right Velcro? (insert rim shot).

Rhod, you are showing your naivete regarding the great American game that is curling. Husky women working brooms as God designed them is hardly halftime fare.

LL said...

Barack Hussein Obama is best known for the "quarterback sneak" where he crouches down low behind Rahm Emanuel and ...well... things happen.

For one thing, Peace-on-Earth is the byproduct.

Why just the other day, he was recognized for doing that very thing.

Time to consider the Big Trophy for him too. I can't believe he's third in early polling. What can we do to help him improve his rankings, DC?

Anonymous said...

DC, keep your eyes open this Saturday. Who will fold faster today? Colorado State or Saturday Night Live?

Rhod said...

Husky women with brooms? That's the prevailing image I have of all those church suppers in the early 50's.

Stenio Guilherme Vernasque da Silva said...

This only proves the Nobel worldwide trend in favor of the Left.
Lula won the Olympics and Obama won the Nobel.
It could be worse!
If you have time check out this video!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Thanks for the laughs DC.

Anonymous said...

LL, you can actually go to the Washington Examiner link and write in Obama for Heisman. I did. It's hard for me to admit, being a Colt McCoy fan and all, but with Tebow injured Obama should clearly win.

But there are a lot of white voters to overcome.

Wood, you are welcome, man. Actually, though, I think we owe the Nobel committee a great debt of gratitude for this. You truly can't make this stuff up.

Even better, he was nominated after about 3 weeks on the job. Classic. I guess they just knew he was going to work out so well.

Obama's meteoric rise to laughingstock status has been amazing to watch unfold.

Nick, you make a good point. I will keep my eyes on the Rams. SNL ... what do they do? Run for the wide open end zone or take a knee?

And Rhod ... let's not diminish our USA curling powerhouse to the level of mere church picnic workers. Only when sparks start to come off of them brooms do we truly have a gal who could rise to become a curling star. It's a special breed, the perfect mix of quickness, nastiness, and huskyness.

sig94 said...

The triple threat also includes being a punter. He just buried Afghanistan inside the ten. That'll teach 'em; next time don't use the fair catch.

Velcro said...

Good one, DC! a bit tacky though...:-D

cbullitt said...

I've voted for him twice already.