August 1, 2012

A Peek Behind The Curtain

The Ulsterman Report has a great two part story on how Romney suckered the Obama campaign. Here's just a little bit of it -
WHI: It gets so much better…we are getting to the point where I really gotta tip my hat to Romney on this. Like I said…reminds me a lot of the Reagan team. Somethin’ they would have done.

…So we got Jarrett going crazy. We got Obama digesting what she is screaming at him. We got campaign staff overhearing all that. We got Plouffe scrambling to initiate his own internal in that state to corroborate the numbers that they THINK they stole from Romney. We got Axelrod playing dumb…the whole operation is getting’ its ass kicked by that polling data from that one swing state.

But all of this gets better…the real payoff is coming. You see, this all goes down early July…just after the holiday, right? That’s the timeline of all of this. Hits the fan over the course of about a week…week and a half.

And then what?

UM: You’re asking me?

WHI: Yeah – and then what? What happens to the Obama campaign right after? Think about it…a couple weeks after the 4th of July holiday…what does Obama say?

UM: …Bloody hell.
Obama pulls the "You didn't build it..." line out of his ass.


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