January 10, 2013

And This Year's Father Is ... Huh?

The National Father's Day Committee has named Bill Clinton its "Father of the Year." Needless to say this is a travesty.

You can manifest your displeasure by contacting the Council at:

If you like, send them your dry cleaning bills to remind them of how Clinton demonstrated his child rearing techniques while in the Oval Office. The National Father's Day Committee's address is:

37 West 39th Street - Suite 1102
New York, NY 10018

Or just call them ... be nice now.

Phone: 212.594.5977
Fax: 212.594.9349

The 2012 Chairman of the National Father’s Day Committee is Dan Orwig.

Orwig is VP of sales and merchandising at Itochu Prominent USA LLC, a manufacturer of apparel and textiles. Itochu Prominent USA is located at 1411 Broadway, New York, NY 10018, and can be reached at (212) 575-3620.

Hey, if the pistol permit holders can be outed, so can the idiots who think that the American Idol of Fatherhood this year is a lying, wornout, diseased, convicted felon/pervert/perjurer, serial philanderer.

The Council is an alleged supporter of various charities as stated on their website. I wonder how many donations end up in the pockets of democrat politicians? Let's look at what the IRS has on them.

They are listed as the FATHERS DAY MOTHERS DAY COUNCIL INC, their EIN is 131601569; their corporate address is listed as 37 W 39TH ST RM 1102, NEW YORK, NY 10018-0580. For 2011 they list assets of $432,852.00 and income of $1,096,060.00. Their Form 990 Revenue Amount is $819,610.00


Supergranny said...

OMG, no I don't believe it and wonder how it could ever be......he could be a spokesperson for soft hands of the year or should be given a handful of coupons for dry cleaning or.......this could go on and on...but FATHER OF THE YEAR? excuse me I'm choking :)

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I'm sure it's a Very Liberal organization. This should insult Fathers everywhere.

Subvet said...

Anything I want to say is too vulgar and blashpemous for print.

sig94 said...

Granny - take a few sips of cool water and then pour the rest of the glass over your head. That's what I did to cool off.

sig94 said...

Woodsterman- some ladies apparel guy is the Chrmn so waddayathink? Prolly wears the samples under his suit.

sig94 said...

Subvet - this could merely be a ploy to increase donations to the council. Or they've got the hots for Billy Jeff.

Undergroundpewster said...

What a joke. He didn't gain the nickname "The Zipper" at the Renaissance Weekends held here in South Carolina for nothing.

sig94 said...

Pewster - there's quite a few nicknames following that horndog around.