October 29, 2013

Just The Right Man For Administering ObamaCare

Coming soon to a medical evaluation board near you! The Death Panels - earnest bureaucrats, not medical doctors or nurses - who will determine who gets the new hip, the pig heart valve, the expensive cancer treatment drug or your dead aunt's cornea.

This will be a high stress job and there are few people who can take the strain of such a position. That's why Hajj Abd Al-Nabi is Obama's go to guy for ObamaCare.
In a revealing interview, Egypt’s chief executioner spoke of his childhood past-time that led to his career taking the lives of those sentenced to death in the Muslim-majority country. Hajj Abd Al-Nabi, who serves as the chief warrant officer in the Egyptian prison system, claims that he has executed approximately 800 persons during his days as chief executioner. Speaking on television, Al-Nabi said “I have placed [the noose] around some 800 heads – tough people, big people, young people … All the despicable crimes—killing, adultery, premeditated murder, and so on.”
It's a busy day in Nooseville for the Hajj-man!

Al-Nabi has the experience, the will, the aptitude and most important, the lack of compassion required to get the job done.
Al-Nabi said that as a child he was accustomed to strangling cats and dogs. “When I was young, about 13 or 14 years old, … my hobby was to watch a cat, to place a rope around its neck, place a rope around its neck, strangle it, and throw it into the water,” Al-Nabi said. “I would get a hold of an animal—even dogs. I would strangle these animals and throw them into the water, even dogs.”

“Strangulation was my hobby,” said Al-Nabi smiling.
And now he may have a new hobby - denying health care benefits.

It's far easier than finger painting and the sound of a terrified, howling 72 year old retiree who is going to lose both his legs is immensely more satisfying than hearing a kitty get snuffed.
His parents told him he would go to “hell” for killing animals, but he persevered in his hobby. “It’s a gift,” he explained. “I was a little Satan.” Once he was hired as Egypt’s chief executioner, Al-Nabi told himself “Congratulations, now grow a mustache.”
And what a beauty it is! Al-Nabi has strangled a half dozen cats, dogs and a ferret with his mustache.

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