October 28, 2013

Waco, How About Visiting Waco?

From Yahoo News:
Amid a furious global controversy over the National Security Agency's spying on U.S. allies, Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey said on Monday he will order all new FBI agents to visit the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial to reflect on past “abuse and overreach” by the agency.

Comey noted that former FBI Director Louis Freeh had ordered all new agent classes to visit the Holocaust Museum “so they could see and feel and hear in a palpable way the consequences of abuse of power on a massive, almost unimaginable scale.”

That will continue, Comey said.

But “I'm going to direct that all new agents and analysts also visit the Martin Luther King Memorial here in Washington,” the FBI director announced, with President Barack Obama looking on. “It will serve as a different kind of lesson, one more personal to the bureau, of the dangers in becoming untethered to oversight and accountability.”

The FBI spied on King, the famed civil rights leader, throughout the 1960s until his assassination in 1968. 
How about a trip to Waco to reflect on government"overreach"?

I'll never forget walking into the PD locker room in April of 1994 and right above the shoe shine machine there was a poster advertising a picnic sponsored by our local ATF office. The picnic advertisement sounded like a celebration - all area law enforcement were invited to attend the ATF's "Waco BBQ." While shining my shoes I read it several times and I was bothered by the callousness of this.

Sure, you have to have a thick skin in our profession; but this was a bit off the map, even for cops.

I didn't go, I don't think many did.


Kid said...

Disturbing on the WACO joke.

But visit the MLK memorial ??? HahhahahahaAHAHAHAHAHhahahahhAHAHAHHAHHahhahahahahaAHHAHAHAHhhaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrggggggggggggggggggggggggghhhh

THAT will have an effect !


Doom said...



I know they are hiring people to man detention centers. How many of those guys know who is being hired for what? Probably beyond what I know. Are torturers being trained? Remember those 10 year old kids who were smart with their parents and teachers? Bet you didn't know why, or why they got away with it? It's because they knew what the adults were doing. As adults, they aren't much different, only the authority is the government. They have been secularized by schools, and made cynical by the broken mockery of a system that herds people into folly.

A view of mlkjr's site is just to remind them how a government can force things down people's throats to their great undoing, such as desegregating schools and communities. They have destroyed... how many cities with their activity now? Call it civil storm trooper prep theory. But, with the poster, you saw the incivility expressed toward "civilians", malcontents, and such. Secularism... loud, communist, and proud.

WoFat said...

The guys at the top can do all sorts of bad things. They're at the top.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

What Comey forgets is there were riots in almost every city Martin Luther King visited in 1965. Would it make sense this could be why the FBI were paying attention?

Subvet said...

Forget Waco, it's too crowded. However I hear Ruby Ridge is lovely this time of year.