May 24, 2014

It's Spring And Mayhem Is In The Air

In the Spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of mayhem.

In Georgia a prison inmate thought it was all for a Milky Way:
A Clayton County jail inmate received a life sentence Friday in the 2012 murder of his cellmate during a fight over a Reese’s peanut butter candy.

This afternoon, William Alexander Brooks pleaded guilty to murdering, Kenneth Robert Grochowski over the candy, according to Channel 2 Action News. He was given life with the possibility of parole.

Brooks, who drowned Grochowski in the cell’s toilet, was originally arrested in August 2012, on theft charges. The incident between cellmates happened August 14 or 15, according to police. Grochowski, 57, was found unresponsive around midnight following roll call.
In California another knucklehead makes a statement in blood:
A young Californian gunman identified locally as the son of the assistant director of The Hunger Games film franchise is suspected of killing six people and wounding seven more in a murderous rampage from his black BMW.

The killer, who also died, conducted a series of drive-by shootings in a college town on a busy Friday evening, just hours after apparently posting a chilling video outlining his murderous plans for “retribution” because of rebuffs by women.
In Brussels a lone gunman rips the scabs off old wounds:
Three people were killed and one badly injured in a shoot-out on Saturday in Belgium.

A Jewish community figure, Joel Rubinfeld, told AFP it clearly "is a terrorist act" as a man had been seen driving up and entering the museum before opening fire inside and running off.

Mr Rubinfeld, who heads the country's anti-Semitic League, said the act was the result of "a climate of hate." Didier Reynders, Belgian foreign minister, said on Twitter: "I am shocked by the murders committed at the Jewish museum, I am thinking of the victims I saw there and their families."
A Frenchman gets overzealous at a hellish bris milah:
A tiny French village has been rocked by the news that its recently elected mayor has been castrated and killed by a jealous love rival who accused him of having an affair with his wife.

The barbaric killing of Dominque Leboucher, 55, has been greeted with horror in the small Normandy village of Bretteville-le-Rabet, 10 miles south of Caen.

Mr Leboucher's mutilated body was found lying in a pool of blood at his home close to the town hall, where he had been based since being elected mayor in March this year.

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