October 24, 2014

Dennis Rodman On Suicide Watch

North Korea has decided to close it's borders to all tourists because of the threat of Ebola.

Insiders state that this measure was actually taken due to disastrous overcrowding in North Korean prison camps. In the Hoeryong concentration camp, barbed wire is now rationed (Minimum Daily Requirement has been reduced to 13mm a day) and prisoners must make reservations to starve to death.

North Korean Tour Guides Explain That The Tourist Center Is Closed.
(Reuters) - North Korea will bar entry to foreigners on tourist trips from Friday because of worries over the spread of the deadly Ebola virus, operators of tours to the isolated country told Reuters.

[...]It was not immediately clear if the North Korean ban also covered non-tourist members of the diplomatic or business community with ties to Pyongyang.

"We have just received official news from our partners in the DPRK that, as of tomorrow, tourists from any country, regardless of where they have recently visited, will not be permitted to enter," said Gareth Johnson of Young Pioneer Tours, a travel company based in China that runs tours in North Korea.
H/T Weasel Zippers


Kid said...

Damn, there goes my honeymoon plans.

Doom said...

Rodman? Yeah. When only a failed rotten toxic nation can provide substance to a life, it does get thin. But hey, there is always the tat parlor, if he can afford it. Nork and he are a perfect fit.

sig94 said...

Kid - there's always Iran...

sig94 said...

Doom - The best thing that ever happened to Rodman was Carmen Electra. And it only took him a week to screw that up.