April 24, 2015

Carnal Clamoring In Bay Ridge

The NY Post is simply the best wordsmith in the tabloid media world.
One Brooklyn couple is making such wild whoopie that they have earned the tile of loudest lovemakers in New York — garnering the most 311 complaints in the city from their angry neighbors.

The carnal clamoring by the couple living in Apt. D7 at 7201 Ridge Ave. in Bay Ridge has racked up a half-dozen complaints to 311 between October and December.

Witnesses say the screams of ecstasy echo through the six-story building.

“I’m on the second floor, and I hear them all the time. When I come in the night from work, a girl screaming every night — Papi, different kinds of names, in Spanish,” griped Omar Ramos. “[She] keeps screaming to continue, to not stop. Saturdays, it’s louder. About 30 minutes to an hour, sometimes more than an hour.”

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jay son said...

reminds me of a song i know, guess the group;

the girl can't help it, she needs more,

he hasn't found what hes looking for

their still standing in the rain

he can't help it , and she's just that way