March 21, 2016

Narco Mule Escapes From DHS

The worst part about this story: a narcotics mule transporting sixty pounds of cocaine was in the custody of Homeland Security and got away, no problem. That much cocaine is probably worth about  - well, last summer an off duty Florida cop found fifty pounds of cocaine floating in the Atlantic while fishing; it had a street value of $10 million. Figure about $12 million for sixty.

From NBC:
She left behind 60 pounds of cocaine — and her Gucci shoes.

Investigators are looking for a flight attendant who bolted from Los Angeles International Airport as her carry-on bags — which were loaded with drugs — were about to be inspected, authorities told NBC News.

[...]The woman, who was not identified, appeared nervous and made a cellphone call in a language not recognized by officers, authorities told NBC News. She was then taken aside to a secondary screening area and asked for her employee identification.

Suddenly, she bolted from the screening location, running with her bags toward an escalator, authorities said. She jettisoned the luggage and her designer shoes and fled the terminal.
It amazes me... someone had the goods on this mule and alerted DHS senseless clods who let her get away. I'm sure they'll call DHS again with another hot tip real soon.

Seriously, what kind of planning and preparation (don't even mention SOP and common sense) went into this? No one could catch her in a high risk facility filled with security?  LAX is not a small place; it's not like she scooted through a screen door thirty feet away and into a waiting cab. Did they stop to retrieve her expensive shoes?

And these are the people protecting us from terrorists...

They should all be retrieving shopping carts for Walmart. At least the carts are slow enough and dumb enough for DHS idiots to round them up without too much of a struggle.

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LL said...

A number of TSA security people are felons themselves. Thank God the government doesn't arm them. (Second amendment notwithstanding)