October 30, 2013

It's The Crime, Stupid

Another liberal nonsense (no sense at all) study on how black neighborhoods are denied healthy choices because grocery store owners are all racist bastards and want black people to die from overdosing on Cheetos bought at the corner convenience store.

Poor, mostly black neighborhoods face double jeopardy when it comes to supermarket access, according to a study recently published by the journal Preventive Medicine.

That may not sound like news at all: Scholars and activists have long fretted that poor, minority neighborhoods have worse access to supermarkets, which is tied to less healthy diets.

But researchers from Johns Hopkins University wanted to see how different neighborhood traits -- poverty and racial makeup -- were related to the problem. For instance, what did it mean to be in a poorer white neighborhood, versus a wealthier black neighborhood?

[...]But they also had fewer supermarkets than poor white neighborhoods, suggesting that race still played a role apart from poverty. In fact, the study showed that black neighborhoods with little poverty had fewer supermarkets, on average, than high-poverty white areas.

"Our study found that it's not simply an issue of poverty," wrote Kelly Bower, an instructor at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, in an email to the Los Angeles Times. "In fact, a racially segregated poor black neighborhood is at an additional disadvantage simply because it is predominantly black."
Idiots. Money is green. That's the only color that matters to merchants. Something else drove them out of the ghetto. Gee, I wonder what it is?


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I worked in Compton for 8 years and I can't hardly remember a grocery store around. They were tired of being burned out and robed. The mothers had to get on buses to grocery shop. Cheetos are lighter ... there, question answered.

LL said...

When stores are continually robbed, when they're burned out with every riot and when the clerks are assaulted and murdered, no insurance company will underwrite them.

Why would you set up shop in the ghetto so that the dopers and thieves can easily show up and boost what you paid for?

Better to set up in the suburbs where people will pay for goods they want and will be polite to your staff.

Progressive = Frigging MORON

Doom said...

Remember, Sig, to be allowed into the ranks of academia, one cannot even think the truth. They actually can't know it to start, and are weeded as a group and individually so as to be functionally incapable of following the facts to their only real conclusion. They are professionally idiotic. Literally.

This "research", on both sides, tells me more about blacks and academics than anything. But... nothing new was ascertained. Status quo remains. I wonder how much taxpayer money was wasted, all told (not just grants, mind you)?

Remember, the government does "academic" grants, but it also does historical building grants, urban development grants, and tons of other grants that colleges and unis have learned to sweep in. They aren't even there to teach, and obviously not to do actual research anymore. They are just waste holes as tax money dumps.

texlahoma said...

This is a little backwards from the grocery store thing, have you ever heard people say
"They put so many liquor stores in black neighborhoods because they want to keep the black man down with easy access to alcohol."?
That's so ridicules, liquor store owners couldn't care less what color the customers are, like you said, it's the green that matters.

sig94 said...

Odie - the white people move out and still they are blamed for the troubles that the blacks create. White folk ain't shooting up the 'hood.

sig94 said...

LL - these self-evident troots are beyond them.

sig94 said...

Doom - no matter how you slice it, they're liberal enclaves supported by our money. They couldn't catch a real job if you handed it to them.

sig94 said...

texlahoma - heh - yeah, wonder why the liquor stores open up and the grocery stores disappear. The liquor store owner/operators are armed...

Doom said...

[Off Topic... but...]

It seems the judge involved with stopping "stop and frisk", and creating liberal oversite to the NYPD, has been thrown off the case.

Now, will that mean anything? It looks like she was thrown off but merely because she did what so many do, but too openly? The courts are no longer the friend of law and order, even legitimately. Though, that has been happening and worsening since the 60's?

Just thought I'd toss you something to gnaw upon.