October 3, 2016

Home Again

We got home last night at the stroke of midnight. We left Capt Carteret (about a 20 minute drive below Camp Lejeune)at 0940 yesterday and drove our girl back to Fayetteville. Left Fayetteville shortly before 1300 so it was a marathon drive day for me. Finally hit the sack about 0130 this morning.

There is nothing like your own sweet bed.
Well, almost nothing.

Saw one single, solitary Hillary *spit* lawn poster the entire week we spent in North Carolina.
This is it.

No, really, I saw scads of Trump posters but just one for Hillary the entire week. Heh.


LL said...

The mainstream media is predicting a landslide for the Bitch of Benghazi in NC.

sig94 said...

ll - wow, you couldn't tell that by the lawn signs, but the television ads were chock full of anti-Trump ads.

tv was chock ull of

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Them folk don't like to advertise their stupidity.

Doom said...

Yeah? Who even watches television anymore. Isn't that dead?

Who is the gal? Nice badge cap(?), knows how to rock, smart, leopard spots on something that lead to what might be good to know more about... but if she is kin, or more, I could be digging a hole. Just... passing on a compliment... from the darker side of the internet, and more. :p