October 8, 2016

The Kennedy Dead Pool

 Mary Jo Kopeckne
July 26, 1940 - July 18, 1969

Norma Jeane Mortenson
AKA Marilyn Monroe
June 1, 1926 - August 5, 1962

I wonder who won the dead pool?
Honorable mention - Martha Elizabeth Moxley who was murdered by Robert Kennedy's nephew, Michael Skakel, in 1975.

I also wonder who cares that Trump said "pussy." 
Trump is the only candidate in the 2016 Presidential election who hasn't killed someone.

H/T Irish


LL said...

As a heterosexual male (thus impossibly politically incorrect), who is deplorable, I don't care about Trump's locker room talk.

Doom said...

Killed? No, murdered. I, perhaps, have killed. You, LL, might have killed. Courts, soldiers, police, and generals have killed. Taking a human life in when that has been sanctioned by the state (or proper church) is not the same thing as taking a life for one's own interests and against laws and the spirit of justice.

I actually chuckled about his banter. Has any man not done so? Would any man want all his conversations made public? And, to be honest, women are worse. Which always makes me laugh when they get a prudish hair up their ass about it. Tickles, it do.

Kid said...

If this is all they can come up with about Trump, he must have a really clean closet.

Doom said...


Not necessarily. It's just that he was better at cleaning it out. I don't think you get to that point without doing whatever it takes. That goes for every elite though. Might be something worse, a lot worse, out there. But anyone who stepped up with it would inculcate themselves. Who wants to go to prison to keep someone out of office... especially someone going for a powerful office who really owes you. Not pounding, just understanding. I won't be fooled again.

It's not about Trump. It's about the wall and the tribe, really, for me.

Kid said...

Doom, Certainly. and this kind of Trump stuff doesn't even move the needle.

The clintons make al capone look like a lemonade stand operator.