July 31, 2016

England's National Health Care In Action

Do the Brits want to see a cure for cancer? TB? Diabetes?

The answer is no, not if you follow the advances made by the National Health Services. They want to pander to sodomites and perverts. England has been transformed into a freak show overrun by Muslims.
Women having sex changes on the NHS are being given free fertility treatment so they can have babies after they become men.

At least three British men who were born female are ‘on the brink’ of becoming parents using IVF techniques, according to a top doctor.

And dozens more are now having their eggs frozen at NHS clinics before undergoing surgery or hormone therapy to switch sex.

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Kid said...

NHS is a lot worse than this post implies. Doctors are going on strike (junior doctors who are classified as such with as much as 14 years n practice)

NHS has GOAL of getting people into hospital within 18 Weeks. (doesn't include "Emergencies") And what qualifies as an emergency? Their definition or yours.

18 WEEKS as a GOAL. We're headed here on obamacare and much worse actually. Only 15 % of obamacare has been implemented so far. And I ready yesterday 2/3's of all obamacare co-ops have already failed.

Who is giving obammy an approval rating? Geeeezus

deb harvey said...

spoke to a nursing student a couple of years ago.
she told how their training included the information that a nurse would be stationed in every pharmacy to 'triage' you.
in other words you would have to go through the nurse to get to a doctor.

the students were told this would 'help' lighten the burden on doctors.
i just can't wait for this lovely opportunity to be denied care, misdiagnosed, shuttled around like cattle.

sig94 said...

This exactly what happens when bureaucrats are given the responsibility of determining medical care. Their standards are much different than a medical practitioner and they answer to someone who is only concerned with keeping his job.