July 31, 2016

Wave Bye Bye Bernie Balls

The Donald made a mistake.

He accused Bernie Sanders of selling his soul to the Devil by endorsing Hillary Clinton.

He assumed that this pandering, useless politician, this faded commie jackass, has a soul.

That was a mistake.
“I’ll tell you what, Bernie blew it. He sold his soul to the devil. He did,” Trump said in Colorado Springs.

“He seemed like a tough guy. He was like tough, tough, tough, tough. And then in the end, he folded,” Trump said.
It wasn't his soul that went south.
It was his balls.
Say bye bye Bernie balls.

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Doom said...
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Doom said...



Sand trap. No bush anywhere.

sig94 said...

Bernie's got no where to run, Doom. Except back to his little Independent Party where the votes and the issues don't count.

Doom said...

Oh, I was suggesting "Fore!", as in what you yell when golfing... after sending balls down range. Never know who a golfer is though, and not that I am. I just happened to know that. The rest, too, was just golfing goofs. Oh well. I should know my audience before trying to get a chuckle.

sig94 said...

Heh - Doom, I got it. His sand trap is the Independence Party. Now he'll stay there.