July 31, 2016

Walls For Me But Not For Thee

A truly bizarre Mexican response to the illegal immigration scenario. But that's Mexico.

Myself ... screw the Panama Canal; the Chinks run it anyway. Take all the illegals in this country and have them dig a canal from San Diego to Brownsville, right down our southern border with Mexico. Then fortify the crap out of it like the Berlin Wall, only call it the Beaner Curtain.
The Mexican journal El Mañana published an editorial July 24 advocating for the construction of a border wall similar to that of Donald Trump’s — “but in Southern Mexico.”

Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump’s idea for a wall involves Mexico financing the project and building it on their side of the border. El Mañana basically wants the same thing for Guatemala and Belize.

According to the journal, the border between Mexico and the two Central American nations:

Doesn’t give any benefits (to the country), on the contrary they only bring trouble. These crossings are used for a new invasion: that of Central Americans using our country to enter the United States.

El Mañana added that the main problem “isn’t the undocumented traffic, mainly Guatemalan, Salvadoran and Honduran,” but rather that illegals deported from the United States don’t go back “to their origin as established in international treaties.” Instead, they go mainly to the city of Reynosa.
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Walls? Walls? We got to build you no stinking walls!!


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