August 2, 2016

Raquette Lake

We're going away for a little bit to a beautiful upstate location, Raquette Lake, in the Adirondacks. My daughter and her husband have rented a cottage on the lake and have invited us to stay with them.  We did this last year and will stay a little longer this week.

Yes, there is fishing. Our SIL's extended family has vacationed there for decades. They have an annual fishing derby every year.

Last summer our daughter won the derby (she landed a 16.25" trout) and the right to keep the cheesy award plaque for the past year. She will fight to retain the title. I wasn't even an honorable mention.

Say what you will about NY, it is a gorgeous state - the Adirondacks are a treasure.

Just try to ignore the thieving politicians for a few days, if you can.

See you later.

1 comment:

Doom said...

Wonderful. Enjoy the unplug.

As to New York? I used to just not like. Then I went through, visiting everywhere, it seemed, but NYC. Looking over colleges and unis. Cornell was on my list. Stayed at a b&b on the lake with my then ladyfriend. Heavens, I honestly never knew. I'm not sure what this Andirondacks is? I've heard mention, but no clue. Still, I couldn't think of a better place to go to refresh and forget for a while. Good luck on the fishing, to you all. I do hope you eat the catch? Still, if not, your loss.