November 10, 2016

Make America Great Again

The new Administration has a web site,, where citizens can express their concerns and share their ideas to restore America. I submitted this.

I am a retired police officer/executive with over 40 years experience in various capacities with several agencies. I have devoted my entire adult life to law enforcement/public safety. From my prospective, we must restore a climate of respect for law and authority and restore confidence in our government's primary function as the guarantor of justice.

Those who have used/abused their official positions to enrich themselves must be prosecuted and punished. They must be paraded, publicly shamed before all America. This will not be a spiteful practice nor an excuse to exercise vengeance upon a defeated enemy. This will be a harbinger showing America that the times indeed have changed, that this type of self enrichment at the expense of the taxpayer will not be winked at and ignored. That the "pay to play" America is gone.

Public funds are not cheerfully donated out of gratitude to a benevolent government. Under penalty of law they are forcibly ripped out of the pockets of millions of hard working people who could make much better use of the money. It behooves government to judiciously exercise control of those funds for the betterment of all society rather than the personal gain of the political elites.

Sadly, we have not witnessed that control for many years.

I encourage the new Administration to vigorously and ruthlessly pursue those who have looted the public treasuries, who have used their positions of power for personal gain. As a surgeon removes all traces of a malignant tumor, let federal investigative agencies pursue those who have betrayed the public trust and restore confidence in the efficacy and faithfulness of public service. Let everyone who imagines using public office to profit themselves fear the swift and sure consequences of their actions and may Almighty God guide and protect you.


Doom said...

Noice. Thank you, for my part.

Euripides said...

Sounds like a good start.