December 11, 2016

California Dreamin'

Looks like the insane libs in California are trying to finish what the San Andreas Fault hasn't been able to do yet.

If California secedes the financial consequences are:
  • California received the most in federal spending of any state; $344 billion in 2013.
  • California contributed the most in federal tax revenue of any state; $334 billion in 2013.
  • We'll saving $10 billion in federal spending every year.
  • We'll be able to charge 35% excise tax on everything California sells to the US, an estimated $5 billion can be collected in excise taxes.
  • When Nancy Pelosi and all those other liberals retire we won't  pay them one red cent in retirement benefits. Let California pick it up.
  • All those Hispanics in Federal prisons now become all those Hispanics in California prisons.

If California secedes the political consequences are:
    • California has the largest population, over 22 million.
    • California has the most electoral votes.
    • If California secedes we'll be electing Republicans to federal offices forever (although not always a good thing).
    • All those Hollywood libs would have to get passports to come here ... which we will deny.
    Good luck California and don't let the Sierra Madres hit you on the ass on your way out.

    Yes I know that all the military bases would be subject to a lot of agreements, leases, contracts, stipulations, etc. It probably would be like negotiating with the Philippines.

    Remember, the post says it's just California dreaming.

    H/T 90 Miles From Tyranny


    Doom said...

    Bases aren't a problem. We keep the water if they get itchy. Dam them. :)

    LL said...

    You'd miss Pelosi's comic relief - saying "You have to pass the Bill before you can read what's in it."

    sig94 said...

    Doom - not sure how much water they get from outside their state. If any, sell it to them.

    sig94 said...

    LL - I dunno. There's enough clown circuses in the other 49. I'd love o get a chance to miss her.

    LindaG said...

    I hope California does secede. Tell me. Wouldn't that mean that California's senators and congress people would have to leave? I mean, it wouldn't be a state, so....

    And yes, who will bail them out of their bankruptcy, or accept any new California currency they come up with to do away with their debt?

    Kid said...

    It is time for the libtards and sane people to divorce based on irreconcilable differences. Thank God we don't have a pre-nup.

    The libs can live in the frozen North and we will accept responsibility of the South. And don't call us - we'll call you.

    Doom said...

    Right, but I don't think the farming and ranching areas would go peaceably. To be honest, they could use almost all of the water. They don't because they fear if they don't 'sell' it, they would just have their water rights stolen outright. No, I... think they would end up with a massive water problem.