December 12, 2016

Is This What It Takes?

For the last thirteen years I have participated in a task force to reduce violent crime in upstate NY.  Right now we are experiencing the most virulent amount of shootings I have ever seen in my almost 45 years in law enforcement.

Nothing is working; all our focused deterrence, AKA lever pulling strategies that we implemented (as espoused by by Dr. Kennedy and demonstrated in the Boston Cease Fire model) seem to have had no effect. One particularly violent area of the city has already had a 170% increase in shootings since another OJJDP (Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention) model anti-violence program started two years ago.

But what seems to work is this:
Shootings down by half during snowy weekend in Chicago

Fifteen people were shot in Chicago over the weekend, less than half of last weekend’s toll and the fewest in the city in months.

Still, Chicago is on pace this year for the most homicides since at least 1998, when the police department said there were 704 homicides.

The number of people shot is also the most in decades: At least 4,170 people so far this year. With less than three weeks left in the year, that marks a 40 percent increase over the total number of shootings in 2015, according to Tribune data.
Forget the social workers, violence intervention specialists and all that other liberal crap. Seed the clouds, and bring the cold. Let them fear the Grim Ice Maker. Unleash the fury of Lake Michigan. Let's see if they can still kill one another through ski-bys.

I'm going to retire in a few months. I won't miss this at all. The nuclear black family has been all but destroyed in our inner cities. Black children have expressed strong identification with gangs as early as the second grade, more so than with members of their own families.

This will not get better by throwing money at it. We need parents who love their children more than themselves.


LL said...

Albany is a broken city. Absent complete population removal and renovation, it can't be fixed IMHO.

LindaG said...

We need to make families be families, too. How many two parent families are there in the inner cities? With all the crap on TV and the news that makes jokes out of fathers and males in general, I don't see any way to get two parent families.

And the people who say they can be good without God in their lives, where are these people?

God bless you and keep you safe. Thank you and all those you work with, for serving. God bless you all.

Doom said...

Yes, perhaps. Addicts make poor parents. Those who refuse to even learn to speak, read, write, or do math when it is offered also make poor parents. To be honest, if we don't repatriate or eliminate those who are broken I don't think there is a solution. Attrition through crime is a poor excuse for a protecting force such as what police forces are supposed to be about. For every third, at best, criminal's victim, to remove only one criminal just isn't enough. If the forces involved do not take care of the problem, one way or another, the people will.

If the police think they have a problem now, wait until whites side against them too, from lack of defense.

Kid said...

Yes, a family environment is what is needed.
I never saw a kid with only a single mother growing up that wasn't screwed in the head. White, black, rich, poor, whatever.