June 2, 2011

The People's President


sig94 said...

Okay- I'm missing something on this one. Was that the First Lady grazing in the beginning and end of the clip? Those fishnet stockings threw me off.

hymns that preach said...

I was naturally, immediately captivated by the RHINO at the beginning of the clip.

But then, when I got further into it, I realized that this was really about a RINO.

Gorges Smythe said...

RINO's do have a way of sneaking up on you; I wouldn't know about rhino's.

Doom said...

This RINO has no sneak in him! The first time I saw this, I kept seeing the rhino but it just didn't connect until I nearly collapsed laughing. The RINO didn't sneak up on me, the rhino did.

Anyway, this ad reminds me that I really want a rhino gun. A big caliber hunting rifle, that is. Not that I would use it on a RINO (unless he started it).

Besides, Huntsman is so off the mark and has been reading the cues Americans have been giving off about as well as McCain and Obama (twins separated at birth... triplets?). He has as much chance of passing muster as I do of making the NBA MVP for next season. Well, okay, his chances aren't actually that good, but you get the drift.

Kid said...

We need someone serious enough about Climate Change to ignore it.