April 6, 2017

In The News

Today I Also Found Out That Stinky Cheese Stinks
Twenty-five years ago I looked up the word "gay" in the dictionary and his picture was there.
Barry Manilow has spoken about his sexuality for the first time and come out as gay, confirming he is married to manager Garry Kief, his partner of nearly 40 years.

The famously private pop icon confirmed his relationship to People, explaining that he feared fans would be disappointed if they knew he was gay.
♫At the Copa, Copacabana, I got a place to hide your banana.♪

Opioids In Action
With all the talk abut the cost of lethal chemical cocktails needed to put convicted murderers closer to God and the protesters protestulating about the awfulness of these chemicals, how's about using about five bucks worth of pharmaceutical horse to send our nasties to Jesus? 
Part of the problem in addressing the opioid crisis is that the terminology can be confusing or misleading. People hear “opioid” or “prescription opioid” or “fentanyl” and begin to lump the problems all together as a crisis driven by legitimately prescribed drugs. No doubt, that is a part of the problem, but it is nowhere near the biggest part of it. Take a look at the best statistics available (taken from the Office of National Drug Control Policy and the CDC):

  • In 2015, there were 33,091 opioid overdose deaths.
  • Heroin deaths constituted 12,990 of those deaths.
  • Synthetic opioids (mostly illegal fentanyl) constitute another 9,580 deaths.
No one seems to be unduly excited about the 13,000 souls doing that every year, hmmm?

Poo Flinging Girl Now A Registered Democrat
A Chicago democratic ward chairman has just registered her to vote.
Bahraich: The police in Uttar Pradesh rescued a girl from a forest in Katarniaghat of Bahraich who can neither speak nor behave like human being. The girl was rescued from troops of monkeys in the forest.

According to sub-inspector Suresh Yadav, the girl was spotted in the Motipur range of Katarniaghat wildlife sanctuary. During the rescue, the monkeys and the girl screeched at Yadav. However, after a few attempts, the police shifted the girl to a district hospital.
The monkeys are next on the ward chairman's to do list as they appear to have more on the ball than the average Chicago democrat.

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Kid said...

Good point on the OD's for capitol punishment.

Saw the monkey girl thing. It sounds like she is doing well at this point as far as understanding what they tell her but still can't talk. I was actually raised by wolves so I can relate. She'll be fine as there are no democrats in the animal kingdom.