April 6, 2017

Obama's Gold Mines

Obama scrams to a remote tropical island while his administration's nasty bits are being exposed.
MSM SILENT: Ben Carson Finds $500 BILLION in Fraud-Mismanagement in HUD Audit

HUD Director Dr. Ben Carson found a big economic pitfall by the Obama administration.

The mainstream media has neglected to report on a BIG find by Dr. Ben Carson. The Trump cabinet is a winning cabinet.

Dr. Carson dug into the agencies records in a sweeping audit wherein he found substantial bookkeeping “errors”, which only prove either the incompetence or the corrupt nature of the previous administration led by former-president, Barack Obama.
A half trillion dollars stolen? And this is just after a few weeks of the Trump Administration digging into a single cabinet-level agency. After Trump hires another 15,000 Border Patrol officers he'll need to start hiring a zillion forensic auditors to find out how much looting Obama and his cronies carried out.

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Kid said...

8 years of tax receipts PLUS 10 Trillion in new debt and NOTHING accomplished? I've been convinced for a Long Time there be a Whole Lotta Stealin Goin On. Enough to make most people's heads explode. FME