April 8, 2017

Trump: I'd Hit It Again

The Drudge Report had this to say about the recent US response to Syrian chemical warfare: TRUMP: I'D HIT ASSAD AGAIN...

Now that's pushing it a bit. I'm sure President Trump doesn't stray from Melania and I'm sure Assad wouldn't welcome it either.  Well, pretty sure... those lines in the sand Obama drew for Assad might have been directions.

All joking Assad, err , aside, Russia has vowed to assist Syria by upping it's air defense game against further American attacks and has sent a cruise missile frigate into the area of the Mediterranean where the two American destroyers are stationed. No word on how long the air defense changes will take or the proposed enhancements.

It is also reported that after the gas attacks last Tuesday, there were additional air strikes in the Syrian city of Khan Sheikhoun on Saturday


LL said...

We can launch a cruise missile attack from an SSGN. 154 × BGM-109 Tomahawks in 22 groups of seven...

I think that Congress needs to debate the issue and either issue a use of force resolution in Syria, or we need to stand down.

President Trump shook the stick at them. The Russians were embarrassed, etc.

sig94 said...

LL - same here. Define what the mission is and what we're supposed to do to achieve it. Then get the hell out.