April 3, 2017

Loyce Edward Deen

November 5, 1944
A WWII Navy gunner is buried at sea in the plane he was killed in.

A Grumman TBF Avenger torpedo bomber of VT-15 Torpedo Air Group, approaches and lands on the deck of the USS Essex (CV-9) during the Battle of Manila Bay, in World War II.

Upon landing, Lt. Robert Cosgrove (Pilot) and Sailor Digby Denzek (Radioman) can be seen in their respective forward and middle crew positions.

But the rear gunner position, occupied by Aviation Machinist Mate 2nd Class, Loyce Edward Deen (Gunner) has been completely destroyed by enemy 40mm shell fire. AMM 2C Deen was decapitated as a result.

As the aircraft is parked amongst others, with wings folded, sailors of the Essex take fingerprints and cut dog tags from the body of AMM2C Loyce Deen in the gunner position.

Captain Carlos W. Wieber, Commanding Officer of the Essex, and her crew, participate in funeral services on the deck. A chaplain conducts the services from beside the aircraft, where Loyce Deen’s remains in the gunner’s position have been shrouded.
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Kid said...

How many times has crap like this happened to people. I saw an article today talking about a USSR photographer who was witness to countless brutal scenes involving military and civilian death. Noted in the article was that 20 Million Russians and Germans (Mostly Russian) were killed during various battles in Russia. Good God. What insanity. Nuke the Kim Jong. Truman should have done it in 1952 or so. Think of all the suffering since. Far fewer would have suffered.

This world needs some tough love in many categories.

sig94 said...

Kid - Tough love. Never heard a nuclear detonation called that before.